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"Like Mexico there is no other"
Lun Ago 18 2008 15:49:45

Espino y la falaz "the nation's regression"

“Like Mexico there is no other” a phrase that comes from the bottom of our hearts when we laud its greatness in popular vote, or when with satire we refer to the abuse of power or the corruption of politicians, governors, Church and private initiatives; what is certain is that from any perspective we view it; Mexico is a controversial nation, that constantly transgresses its constitution, adjusting its coexistence with respect to denominational and secular states, of exasperating radicals, that make us doubt that they have learned from their own history for its authenticity.

A nation that proclaimed itself “Independent” and yet is still vulnerable due to its faith roots, and the power of the colonizer descendants; the new capitalist generation from the Iberian peninsula that emigrated to associate themselves with “Mexican nation sellers” and formed empires that to our compatriots are preserved, a natural malinchismo that has been present since the presidential cupola.

What was admirable in a nation like ours, was the strength that it demonstrated in the past to resist tyrannical governments imposed by the crown, and in present day its tolerance towards religious peoples that never renounced to the temptation of continuing to exploit and govern, co-participants of bloody confrontations and never-ending battles to gain power and control over the country.

Just when we had thought we had overcome a shameful history, and about to celebrate two centuries of its “Independence” (1810-2010) one lived somewhat peacefully; the Noble nation once again confronts its reality, “auto-propel or disorientation?” The truth is that when it was the leader of Latin America; and when it presumed an enviable constitutional; one of the most beautiful flag in the world; admired for its development and a democratic process of exportation. All of it collapsed.

The daydreaming nation was moved by the unfolding advertisement and marketing of the politicians of “CHANGE,” “the double-crossing ‘holy’ lies or covered in truth. Succumbed before the promises of “change” and in its mistake today it pays its price, abuse of power and radicalism. Wagered and inclined the balance in favor of tyranny, the agreements and the dissimulation, the imposition, the attacks, the settlements or barters to gain power. All ending as a hostage of a historical shadow that was never jerked and of clerical manipulation that was believed to have had improved.

A semi-dark panorama that allows us to reflect on the popular voice that says: “a nation that repeats its history is on the verge of disappearing.” Stories for a country that does not finish consolidating its independence. Despite this fact they made us believe: “like Mexico there is no other.”

But our reality is as disgraceful as it was for the tatas; this is in reference to author Maunel Espino, who deliberately warns in his book “Signal of Alert” that “Mexico is in regression” the denunciation of the President of the Democratic Christians of Latin America Organization (DCAO), a politician that is faced with personal challenges and frustrations, accusing his opponents as dangerous for Mexico and members of his party as traitors for sharing power with other parties. A panista with medieval and dogmatic catholic expressions, who refutes all political practice that does not converge with his/her creed, where political and religious opposition has no fit.

People it attacks distilling the poison of its obsession, for him, “Mexico is in regression,” and he was not wrong, but in the opposite sense which signals, “as evidence a button.” The Governors of its party, Secretary’s of State, politicians and civil servants, and other private initiatives, that are prisoners of dogmatisms, and the craftsmen of retrogression. Messianic politicians that allied with clergymen work not for a pluralistic nation, rather for their own ambitious ends of obtaining power; from here the hypocrisies and the mantle of “faith” with which they find protection.

This is regression! In the hands of politicians with a double moral, kiss rings and with ties to modern colonizers and the clergy. For this reason just when we believed to have overcome the nightmare, the shadow of a horrific history; resurges this new political class committed from its origins.

The rejection of a denominational government is not because they govern; if they do it out of respect to legality, pluralism and within the frame of a secular state, and above all for Mexico that has had enough religious cloisters. Moreover, nowadays we see a double moral and a poisoned spirit, and more surprising that they continue chained to their faith and committed to religious figures. The profile of recalcitrant panistas that cling on to “faith and moral,” but having the same vices of past legislators.

A Political Class whose contempt of the constitution and its laws is the same as that of the pas two centuries, for this reason they insist on modifying the laws that hinder their objective. “THIS IS THE TRUE CAUSE OF REGRESSION IN THIS NATION.” Unfortunately, legislators alien to radical principals of the PAN Party. Liberal assumptions and Juarista ideologies fall in servility associating themselves with cassocks to prevail, with no concern whatsoever, about the true regression to which they drag their nation.

In conclusion, “Like Mexico there is no other” a saying that we hope to paraphrase with pride one day when this denominational ancestry will truly bless and convent in the monasteries to honor their faith, without dividing the nation.

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