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Mexicans: Overwhelmed By Foreign Traditionalism; Halloween, Processions, Christmas
Mar Oct 21 2008 12:33:36

Mexican society is among the most influenced by foreign traditionalism, docile prey which adopts and yields to global mercantilism of private initiative and religious people without scruples, among other rulers subordinated on cultural descent, or that see in them the circus and flips that the people need to ease their frustrations, there is talk of backwards customs that dominate us by colonization, or the proximity of cultures plagued by legends, Santeria and other social scourges that today dominate the world, in the absence of identity, nationalist roots and mostly out of ignorance; customs that make religious imposition law, many of them corrupted from origin or plagued by superstitions, fetishisms, eroticisms, fanaticisms and idolatry, among other cultural ills.

Such is the case of powerful influences that come from the Druids, the Spaniards, the Romans, or other current syncretism, holy-pagan, the sinister mixture that was introduced under a so-called “Christian evangelization” the strange diffusion of catechism or dogmas that we inherited from backward missionaries who presented the pagan as religious and weak tradition, as practices approved by God. We talk of pagan or satanic rituals, which give us the un-honorable first place prize for our credulity.

Hence, some traditions have nothing to do with our culture, or with traditions and customs of the Aboriginals, or with rituals dedicated to polytheism, the practice that has universalized since the origin of man; our country directed towards the recognition of the deities that represented the creation of the universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, the infinite or the elements such as rain, or others that form part of this universal greatness. Practices that exceeded all the shortsightedness of the Spanish tradition, fueled by the endless chain of saints and others that they had to remove from the altars with the arrival of those fables and legends, a millennial trend that survives under the cover of tradition.

In this sense, Latin American society is reached and influenced by all kinds of traditions, Halloween and the Anglo-Saxon Thanksgiving, the procession and Santeria of the Spanish, or the Christianized polytheism of the Vatican State, Christmas or other cults that do not represent a threat to society, have nothing to do with our cultural roots.


The tradition, a practiced millennial, which regularly religious cultures impose, the market or unscrupulous clerics that broadcast it to carry in the troubled waters their profit, religious syncretism that does not distinguish the boundaries of the sacred and pagan, hence the idolater cults, sorcery, witchcraft and satanic rites disapproved in the Biblical story.

Halloween the millennial ritual of satanic connotations, in which are involved all those merchants mentioned in Revelations; men with a spirit of error that promote these rites presenting them as harmless for children, and taking advantage of their innocent guise they induce them to use costumes to go after a simple candy, provided by the “cultural” obscurantism.

The initiators: They establish exclusive businesses in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, tying with their “harmless” charm millions of punctual followers, whom in a timely manner provide themselves with items that nourished the minds of children. Worrying about a society saturated with catechism and doctrines with no direction, Limbos, Purgatories, cabalas and traditions, they already foster in the classroom, and that civil and church authorities demand that they be conserved.


Inopia or over capacity, the fact is that condescending with these celebrations a valid esoteric environment is encouraged, one that

with entry sickens the minds of weak infants, many of the immersed in the world of witch craft that are represented by Mexican soap operas, the Mexican Harry Potter with “supernatural” powers induced to the world of darkness esoteric witches and sorcerers.


In a renewed society, it is important to eradicate this scourge called tradition, superstitions and obscurantist beliefs that nowadays are common practices of politicians, artists, professionals, businessmen or others attended by shamans, dark lords, witches, sorcerers, and the notorious to a backwards culture.

Millennial practices that the Roman priesthood has dragged historically, for such sacro-pagan fusion of failed exorcists, among others that pass through fire; satanic masses of initiation of the comprehensive seminar, a race that bowed down due to the inhospitable roads of paganism, allowing, as John Paul II, that it be cleansed by witch magic in Mexico. Hence, our reflection to clarify the dark background of a religion that has nothing to do with Hispanics nor Hispanic culture.

Halloween In The Darkness Of Night

October 31 Halloween night, a tradition that dates back 300 years A.C. In a civilization known as the Celts in what is now England, Scandinavia and Europe, Occidental. They were a common group as many segments of the actual society, they were controlled by a mysterious society of priests called Druids, some of its features are as follows: The word is derived from the Celtic Druid “Derva” meaning Roble, the dictionary encyclopedia Quillet defines the Druids as a sect of priests of the ancient Gauls.

Practices: According to some ancient historians as Strabo, Diodorus and Tacitus, the Druids practiced divination by observing the “Flying of Birds” and the convulsive movements of the prisoners they killed. The human sacrifices dedicated to their gods, are one of the main features of their festivals that they celebrated every 15 days, the victims were prisoners of war, ones whom were at times trapped, shot with arrows and others burned alive in large wicker cages (the ancestors of the inquisition).

The customs and rituals of the Druids were severely repressed by the Romans when they conquered Gaul. The Druids influenced in such a way that society had judges and priests, their preparation lasted 20 years, all were brought to them, who set the reward and punishment and if an individual disobeyed his orders, he/she was excluded from the sacrifices, all the more punishment for them.

They were Jurists, in addition to the power of arbitration, they had the authority to make vetoes regarding the political and the religious (they could excommunicate) in addition to this they added knowledge of Metaphysics, Astrology, natural science, medicine and were also the depositories of the mythological and historical traditions of the nation.

Hierarchy: They were divided into: Saronic (Teachers), Bardos (musicians, poets of the warriors), Vates (ritual priests), Fortune Tellers (which predicted the future) and Causidicos (Judges of civil and criminal matters)

Their Doctrines

They preached the transmigration of Souls (Metempscicosis) after the death of an individual to another, stimulating the courage of the people in refining their belief in life after death in a world where happiness is eternal and their soul’s passions are identified. They studied the stars and their movements; they considered themselves as interpreters of the gods, the Druids held oak and Mistletoe as sacred. They measured their days by the night (not by daylight) and there were also priests who counseled with their bodies tainted black.

Transcendence of Druidism

1- The relationship unknown.

Sorcerers and wizards were identified as druids, the stories of the Gaul’s presented these people as teachers in the Nigromanica. They practiced foretelling by observation of sneezing and dreams that occurred after the ritual feasts and the squawk of crows; they used magic words in their invocations, ADME of hypnotism.

2- Religious Syncretism (combined ideologies)

There is a theory that says a kind of mixed Catholic religion - Druid (although the theory called Neodruismo, dicercristiano-druid, we should not call it that because from the fourth century Christianity was no longer in its purest essence, what existed was the Constantine’s Catholicism) that was present for centuries. It was created by combining a mixture of beliefs that carried on after the fall of the Roman Empire, by a breed of Catholic priests, and in a sense Druids. The Irish monasticism that placed Sons as nobility is in many ways a continuation of the old druidic institution.

3.-Its Ancient Influence:

Whatever the manner in which each populace organized their priestly class, the druidic institution seems to have had international character traits retaining to an archaic common prehistoric past b) Currently: At this time we see a mixture of ancient religions combined into one. Among the present populace they have re-instituted the orders of Bardos (folders), the ovata (Musca), and the Druids connoisseurs of science. These are scattered across Britain, the United States, and France, and Germany and has multiple jobs in the press. There are two key trends: The American and German demonstrate chartists dedicated to education and human odignification).

4.-The Druids and Halloween.

Some of the practices of Halloween have its origins in an ancient festival of honor in Shamahain, God of death. Halloween colors, orange and black, both contain ideas that suggest the harvest seas. The Druids worshiped the God of Shamahain, every 31st of October; the druids celebrate the Celtic New Year’s Eve in honor of his God Shamahain, better known as the festival of death recognized by sorcerers, by worshipers of Satan, the New Year’s Eve for the witchcraft.

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