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Church: On The Subjugation Of The Political Herd
Mar Oct 21 2008 12:37:32

Two decades were enough for the Mexican episcopacy, a government of confessional court that conceal unconstitutional actions and the religious short-sightedness of an obsessed nation, in order to politically position itself in the country. We are talking about the millenarian system, of a court that portrays religion, but lives separated from it, guaranteeing its survival; territorial battles, by colonization, fratricides, crusades, inquisitions and atrocities endorsed in at all times by a supposed persecution; managing to take possession temporarily of the power in all the ages of its history.

For those who have faith, the clergy and church by the grace of God; for historians, intellectuals, analysts, the church survives thanks to the subjection of consciousness in the colonization, because of its ability handling the times, the concordats, the double face of its moral, because it stood in place in the adversity and it grew when the winds blew in its’ favor, just like it happened in the confessional government of Vicente Fox y Felipe Calderon.

From there the strange behavior of the Cardinals, that with the double face of its personality, stimulate betrayal, persecution, the activism of all modalities, the, massacres like the unforgettable night of Bartholomew where millions of believers were trapped and assassinated along with their faith, along with other cataclysms that are registered in history.

The Mexican clergy of today enjoys the same bonanza of Porfirio’s time and in its torrid agreement with the Presidency and the endorsement of Administration, but the backup of National Action, returns for what corresponds to them. But irremediably the loss comes, because when trying to please God and the devil at the same time, they forgot that no one can serve two masters, since in the end you end wrong with one of them.

Proof of it is the denigration of a great sector of our society, its spiritual retreat in means that it supposedly dominates, the scandal of its personal deviations that reflect of the abandonment of Christ they portray, amongst other failures already known by the society like subject of abortion and its incapacity to regulate the morals of its parishioners. An infinite amount of deviations, that submerge them in desperation, which forces them to play the last card with cynicism, in the already fetid political territory, an error for which they will pay at a highly cost, how can you expect to fool the intelligence on a nation, that while it is believable, it wakes up from its religious paralysis.

The new ecclesiastic generation underestimated Mexicans of today, one cannot go preaching, “love one another,” with the social confrontations, the ideological wars of the parties, and go against the opinions of the institution for not going along with their thinking, the state of rights cannot be outraged simply by their cassocks, threaten or accuse the submission of the politics, or pressure to make them surrender their vote.

How to accept as a host an institution whose pastoral failure is at the sight of everyone, that does not fulfill its ministerial responsibilities in the territory that corresponds to them, and that insensitively impulses the confrontation, like it was done yesterday and today, with the parishes, and uses the lowest class of this nation as the bait and the “defense of life” when they themselves are the hostages of their lower passions and as immoral as the accused, how to accept the suggestions or the subornation of the political herd when the constitution prohibits it.

Radical posture incongruent of who extend their smoke curtain with the defense of the human rights and the for life, to pressure the politics to the corral of the ignominy of their creed. From there the social denigration to their social activism.

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