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Mexican Police KIDNAPPING Caught On Video - Drug Cartels
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Por: CBS News
Fecha: 15 de Junio de 2012
Hora: 16:27:33 Hrs.
Visto: 4968 veces

Mexican police were caught on video performing a kidnap operation in conjunction with alleged drug cartel members of the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

The video captured the acts of five Mexican police working in tandem with men in civilian garb. The kidnapping which occurred in January and was videotaped both inside and outside the hotel where the victims were staying, has stirred up the anti-corruption sentiment in Mexico. Although the video of the kidnapping was captured in January, it was released only yesterday by Jalisco State prosecutors.

The victims had been detained by Lagos de Moreno city police earlier in the day and apparently were overheard bragging about belonging to a rival drug cartel. The motive for the bragging may have been to elicit a better chance of being released from the jail.

It is possible though, that someone who heard the remarks called the local Jalisco New Generation drug cartel, which prompted a response with fatal consequences for the three victims.

The video shows the five policemen, and several men in plain clothes giving the policemen orders.

At one point in the video the police are clearly visible and easily identifiable while at the hotels front desk offering a list to the clerk.

The police and officials in question, seven in all, were arrested in an operation by Mexican soldiers and state police on June 6 according to Fox News Latino

The video found at CBS news provides the Mexican people a rare glimpse into the actuality of police corruption. "One assumes that in some cities ... the municipal police work for the drug cartels," said Jorge Chabat an expert on security and drug trafficking at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching. "But what is different here is that there is a video. It's not the same thing to imagine that this going on, and to see it."

The video shows the men being hustled out of the hotel, blindfolded and handcuffed with their hands behind their back. While two of the victims are being placed in a police patrol vehicle, one suspected drug cartel member brings out the last victim and puts him in the patrol vehicle also.

When the drug cartel leave in the vehicle stolen from the victims, the police truck is seen leaving and following the stolen vehicle.

The three victims were found only hours later, asphyxiated and beaten to death. The war against the drug cartels by Mexican President Felipe Calderón has reportedly resulted in the deaths of more than 47,000 people in the last five and a half years.

The kidnapping and video are being used in the national elections, which occur in three weeks. Calderon's party has placed Josefina Vazquez as their candidate. Vazquez has suggested her opponents are prepared to try for a compromise with the drug cartels to reduce the violence.

The four civilians seen in the video have been detained also, according to the state Attorney General Tomás Coronado, although they were arrested in separate cases.

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